Terms of Use

1) Introduction

Here you will find the Terms of Use (hereafter referred as "Terms“) for the online services of myGeoDB. The services are operated by "Christoph Keßler" (hereafter referred as "Operator").

2) Validity, acceptance and changes of the Terms

Usage of all features of the online platform,, (hereafter referred as "myGeoDB") is subject to these Terms. All registered users (hereafter referred as "Benutzer") of myGeoDB accept these Terms by registration.

The Operator reserves the right to change these Terms at any time, for example to reflect changes in legal terms, features or loopholes. Changes to the Terms are made public immediately. The User must accept the new Terms in his profile.

3) Disclaimer of warranty

The services of myGeoDB are provided on a "as-is" and "as-available" basis. The Operator assumes no liability. The User explicitly accepts the usage of myGeoDB at his own risk. Neither the Operator nor the software developer may be held responsible for damages caused by usage of myGeoDB or its contents.

4) Change of services

The Operator reserves the right to change, pause or discontinue the services of myGeoDB in parts or completely. The Operator is furthermore entitled to limit features with or without prior notice. The Operator is not obliged to maintain, update or improve the services.

5) Exclusion from usage

In case that the Operator suspects a violation of these Terms or other legal terms, he is entitled to lock or delete a User account without reason, prior notice or liability. The suspicion that a User account is being used by unauthorized persons can also lead to a lock or deletion of the account.

The User has the right to delete his account at any time via his Profile Settings. By doing so, all of his user data will be unrevocably and permanently deleted.

6) Obligations of the User

Many features of myGeoDB require registration which is for free and can be cancelled at any time. The User is responsible for all activities performed via his User account. He is also obliged to keep his login credentials secret. The user has to inform the Operator if he suspects abuse of his login credentials.

The User affirms that he uses only tracking codes of Trackables he is the owner of. If a Trackable changes ownership, the User is obliged to remove its tracking code from his collection or to transfer the tracking code to the new owner. If the User does not meet these obligations, the Operator has the right to transfer the tracking code to the new owner.

7) Final provisions

These terms and conditions for use are subject to German law and are to be interpreted in line with this law.

Should one provision of these Terms for use be unlawful, invalid or not capable of being asserted for any reasons, it is deemed that this provision can be separated from these terms and conditions for use and it shall not affect the validity of and ability to assert the other provisions. The respective provision will be enforced then to its legal extent.